How old is your system? Systems over 12 years, you may consider replacing. As equipment ages with the lack of maintenance, the efficiency decreases and repair is going to be more frequent.

This is not recommended. Without a proper match, you can lose up to 10% of the equipment efficiency.

All manufacturers recommend your equipment to be serviced once a year for proper operation and safety.

There are many different types of filters ranging from basic to high efficiency. For the most basic filter, it is recommended to replace it every 60 days during the winter season and every 30 days during the summer season.

  • Keep your furnace serviced annually.
  • Install a setback thermostat.
  • Make sure all window and door seals are in good condition.
  • Call us for a quote on a new High Efficiency System.


  • Heating: 68-70 Degrees – Industries Standards
  • Cooling: 75 Degrees

Yes, it helps, however, it is recommended to go no more than 5 degrees difference. If it varies too much it will have a longer recovery time.

  • The air inside your home is drier than you think.
  • Heating your home dries out the air. The resulting dry air absorbs moisture from you and everything inside your home. Even newer, tighter-built homes will experience the negative effects.
  • Not only does dry air cause irritation and discomfort, it increases susceptibility to colds, flu, and infections.
  • Humidifiers are strongly recommended for wood floors, but adding moisture to any home will help prevent cracks from forming in molding and cabinetry.
  • Check thermostat for HEAT CALL.
  • Check Breaker in the electrical panel to see if it is in the ON position.
  • Check GAS VALVE to make sure it is in the ON position.
  • Call us for service.

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